Noah Zeus vom Schloss Heessen

Copyright photo: Uwe Meer, Germany

Welcome to the Boston Terrier Pedigrees

We currently have 15881 Boston Terriers in the database.

We are trying to collect information about the Boston Terrier from all over the world. The website and database is intended for the community of Boston Terrier lovers worldwide who we hope will help us gather as much information as possible.

Our focus is on Boston Terrier pedigrees and we would appreciate it to also host Boston Terrier pedigrees reaching back to the very beginning of Boston Terrier breeding. You can start exploring the website by following one of these links:

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Notice about the website

The Boston Terrier Pedigrees website is back online. The site will be in a "read only" modus for a while until the process of revisioning and refactoring of a nearly 10 years old codebase to modern web standards has been completed.

In the coming weeks a new user registration system will be implemented that will allow existing users to enter or modifiy their dog pedigrees. There will also be some progressive enhancements made towards html5 and a responsive design that is more compatible with smartphones and tablets.