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name sire dam sex birth year
A Bit of MischiefWhitakers Little Man Slugger Cissies Betsy Bear female
A Catered Affair's Grand Inspiration of Cin'sDorkay's Mack Daddy A Catered Affairs Cins City Girl male
A Catered Affair's Tub O luv at Babs Sunwoods Simon Sez ROM A Catered Affairs Cins City Girl male 2011
A Catered Affairs Cins City GirlCopa's Grand Reflection Baby Dinah Rose female
A Distinguished Lucky Spirit female
A French Lady Du Grand Fresnoy Terminator du Grand Fresnoy Stripteaseuse du Grand Fresnoy 2005
A Gay Hanky Panky Hyregards male
A J'S Ozzie male
A Little Bit Bewitching female
A Penny Chocolate DropBear's Brown boy Thurmans Penny Sue female 1996
A Pilot Space Master male
A'Maxima Lil'CicieVictory Lane Gentle' Man Apanatschi vom Schloß Birkeneck female 2014
A'Rio Elvis Hanseatic BeautyKarat von den Rottannen Enjie on Time male 2011
A-Table du Grand Motol Very French Boston Du Grand Fresnoy Charmante Bady-Ron male 2012
Aaron vom Hamborner RanenbergVictory Lane Fire N' Ice Suger Jette v. Rhein Sieg male 2010
Aaron vom HoffnungstalCabanterra Woodstock Amazing Grace von Creation Divine male 2010
Aaron vom Schlossteich P and Rs' Born in the USA Bibi Ut Gütsel male 2001
Aaron's Axel BlueBilbrucks Shining Champagne Milo Miss Rayna Blue male
Aba Abba Young Zephyr male
Aba Jaba's Hi Stepping QueenHi Stepping Duke Perfection Aba Jaba's Little Indian female
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