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name sire dam sex birth year
Paddington male
Page's B-Y's Ima Georgeous HoniToy Town's Tammy N'Rhett's Flash B-Y's Starlight's Touch O'Class female
Page's Fancy Guy BaronMike-Mar's Orphan Andy Page's B-Y's Ima Georgeous Honi male 1983
Page's Tiara Tara female
PageboyRoyal Kid Lamons Whity male
Pageboy's Grand SunPageboy's Rocket Sherry Sunshine male 1946
Pageboy's ImageGrand-Sun's Crusader Mar-Rex Peggy male
Pageboy's RocketPageboy Moody's Romance male
Pageboy's Royalty Kaye female
Paige's MissyMelanie's Mr Pugg Melanie's Mrs Pugg female
Painted S Buzzing with ClassShadowlake's The Eagle Has Landed Painted S Gucci Tbo Chic female 2014
Painted S Gucci Tbo ChicT-Bo One Man Show Johnlee's Lil Chiquita female
Painted S Rockin lil CowboyEvidobee's Painted Rocky Road Painted S Buzzing with Class male 2014
Painted's Cool and Elegant Royal TBell's Cool Rookie T Painted's Sierra Gold Elegance Gal female
Painted's Lady Afina By FlashpointSavana and Wyndsong's Dallas Renegade's Hot Tamale female
Painted's Sierra Gold Elegance GalHappy Tails Secret Jackpot LC Fawnd of Dixie female
Painted's Yankee OdysseousEl-Bo's Proud to be a Perfect Change Painted's Lady Afina By Flashpoint
Painteds Picasa by Royal TBell's Cool Rookie T Chardons Mademoiselle Isabelle female
Pair O' Dice LadieRambo Razz Little Miss Molly XXIV female
Palomo vom Schloss Heessen Vivid Gem's Bandito Irakleia vom Schlossteich male 2010
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