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name sire dam sex birth year
T-Bo's Something To Talk AboutPequoag's Time Keeper For T-Bo Flashpoints Jamica Me Krazy female
T-Bo's Song of The SouthKennedy's Knoty Solo Act, ROM Flashpoints Jamica Me Krazy
T-Bo's Suzie Q TooTrey's McKenzie Man Loren's Happy Holiday female
T-Bo's Sweet Spirit Of DixieKennedy's Knoty Solo Act, ROM Flashpoints Jamica Me Krazy female 2003
T-Bo's Tell It Like It IsTo-Che's Premium Blend ROM T-Bo's Karbon Kopy Of Kiwi female
T-BO'S TEQUILA SUNRISEFlashpoint's Jose Cuervo T-Bo's Country Sunshine female
T-Bo's Top Gun For Hire Kennedy's Knoty Solo Act, ROM T-Bo's Only Time Will Tell male
T-Bo's Vision By FlashpointFlashpoint's Jose Cuervo Sunwood's Double Vision female
T-Bo-MJ's Takn Care of BiznezSunwoods E-Z Spirit Kean-T-B'os Cajun Delight male 2005
T-Bos Up Town Girl female
T-Party's Ez4U2Nv male
T-Spoon HarbertSunny Boy VI Juanita male
Ta-Koda's Dream N Red White and Blue Alpha's Just 'N' Case Ta-Koda's Star Fairy female 2010
Ta-Koda's Just A Brindle BombshellKatbird's Just A Matter O'Fact Sunglo's Total Eclipse female 2010
Ta-Koda's Redneck AttitudeOui Will We Will Rock U at Lonestar male 2009
Ta-Koda's Star FairyEvidobi Jumpin Jack Flash KC's Blue Persuation By Jabo female 2006
Tad The TankLewis Little Gun Smoke Billy Can-Can II male
Taffy's Kid Benjamin B-B's Kim Of Fellow Kim's Taffy Of Toddhaven male 1963
Tahi della terra selvaggiaDanson Spod Vysehradu Gizma Beauty Gremlins female 2005
Tahiti Della Terra SelvaggiaDanson Spod Vysehradu Gizma Beauty Gremlins female 2005
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